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"I've had an accident...Now what"

At One Stop Auto, our #1 goal is to take care of you and your car.  We know that a vehicle is one of the biggest investments you will make and we treat your vehicle as if it were our very own.  We work with all insurance companies to ensure that your vehicle is repaired quickly, and most important, correctly.   Call us immediately after you've had an accident and let us take care of the whole process for you. Drop Off. Relax. Pick Up.

Initial Planning

Step 1: Evaluate Your Needs

  • Confirm Insurance Company has received your damage report.

  • Confirm your claim number. 

  • Evaluate your vehicle and identify what is needed to repair it. 

  • Prepare an estimate and review it with you. 


Step 2: Document the Plan

  • Confirm your policy's coverage

  • Review our payment policy with you. 

  • Schedule your vehicle repairs and the projected completion date. 

  • Present our Repair Order for your authorization and signature.


If your Insurance Company requires it, we submit our estimate for their approval before proceeding. 

Step 3: Obtain Your Parts

  • Order parts needed for your repair, parts are logged when received. 


Step 4: Body Repairs Begin

  • Disassemble the damaged parts.

  • re-inspect your vehicle for any hidden damage that may have occured. 

If additional damages are found, we notify you and provide a written Supplement. This documents any additional costs or schedule changes that may be necessary. 


Step 5: Body Repairs Completed

  • All damaged parts have been replaced or repaired, according to plan. 

  • Your vehicle is inspected to ensure repair are complete and correct as ordered. 

Body Repairs
Prep and Painting

Step 6: Preparation for Painting

  • To ensure a "like new" paint job, your car undergoes multiple stages of careful preparation including:

    • cleaning

    • sanding

    • priming

    • sealing

    • masking


Step 7: Painting (color and clear coat)

  • New paint is expertly mixed to match your vehicle's existing color. 

  • Multiple coats of paint are applied to the repaired areas followed by clear coats for added gloss and protection. 

Final Assembly and Delivery

Step 8: Final Vehicle Assembly 

  • Final parts assembly is completed.

  • Your vehicle is carefully cleaned.

  • Your vehicle is inspected to ensure the repairs meet our highest quality standards. 


Step 9: Customer Notification

  • We contact to you to notify that repairs are completed, and schedule a time for you to take delivery of your vehicle. 


Step 10: Delivery and Review

  • We meet with you to review the repairs, discuss any questions you may have, and ensure your satisfaction with our work. 

  • Payment, if applicable, is due upon delivery.

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